Creating a little Empathy in my students…

We all have the instinct to be a little understanding. I believe it’s natural. In a digital world that empathy should be natural, but what is that said behavior when we are dealing with technology. I look for small things from my students when it comes to digital citizenship. For one in my district’s Learning Management System, we have control over student comments, when it comes to posting in discussion boards. Children need guidelines and boundaries. They sometimes feel empowered when they can use a keyboard and not words said in a face to face setting. I want my students to take in a real meaningful experience with technology. Treat the cyberworld with respect. They need to understand that once you have uploaded information, it is out there and can never truly be deleted. Building a positive digital image is most important for future endeavors.


So, I would like to think that I’m a better person today than I was yesterday. I would also love to believe my students felt the same about themselves.

Am I overthinking the preteen/ tween mind set?

What are the so mean?

Why do they hide behind the screen?

I can remember when I was in middle school and the worst thing that could happen was to have someone write your name in a slam book. Now the children put your name and a hold persona on the World Wide Web! The culture of cyber bullying and lack of empathy with the youth today is overwhelming. Since I work with some very insecure and mean girls it is constantly being addressed. I have even noticed that the boys have created an atmosphere of meanness too. Just maybe if they see me they can have an example of what kindness and…

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