My Journey through the Digital Learning and Leadership Program

What an incredible learning journey. My work has been done. Please click the link below to take a trip out of this world. Once the link has been open, you can click each star with the course numbers from my Digital Learning and Leadership adventure.

Designing and then putting the work into one collaborative source. I felt emotional, nervous, and complete. I set a goal for myself. I went straight through 18 months and hours of studying and creating. I found new strengths. During this program, I lost my adoring mother-in-law, two grandmothers, and a very close friend. Yet, I survived.

I have tools that will carry me into that dream job, Technology Instructional Coach. I want my son and my students to know with hard work and then allowing permission to be a big deal! I was able to do this milestone. COVA gave me the confidence to be that student to let myself have a learning experience out of this galaxy.

Now that the experience has been designed in a beautiful infographic that is in the link above. Please take a few minutes a have a blog with me.

My Thoughts in a Blog

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Take a BLOG with me through my DLL courses.

Concepts of Educational Technology

What a first-class, I had learned to adjust to being the student and not the teacher.  In this course, I read the book Growth Mindset and embraced the new way of honestly thinking. I  created my Learning Manifesto and was given a new lesson, the COVA model. I even took ownership and made a practical choice, to be honest with my authentic design of the projects assigned ahead.

Disruptive Innovation

The course was all about the plan. I should because I could, and I did create the change I knew my organization needed. I found resources, and I wrote a literature review! I was able to find the technology applications and platforms to start moving into creating my Innovation plan.

Applying Educational Technology

Here was the beginning of the e-portfolio. Heavy was my heart because I genuinely struggled with WordPress. I also got my voice in this course. I built an e-portfolio. I am an Apple teacher and MIE teacher, so the flight in this journey had minor turbulences.

Significant Learning Environments

I decide what applications and platforms I would use to support my innovation plan. Although I still feel a certain way about this course, I did find a better understanding of the program. I gather an account for the projects and reflection tools for my students. I was able to study the theories and then create my constructivist mindset. I now was creating the significant digital environment, my new science!

Leading Organizational Change

Working before creating professional developments for my campus, this was a larger scale. I had to start small and have a group to help me build my ideas and reach goals. Here I defined the why. This course helped to express and appeal to me why this innovation is important and needed at this time. The self-differentiated leader was being cultivated for this 5-week course.

Assessing Digital Learning

How effective will my plan be? Can I design an online effective digital learning environment? Yes, I can because I did. Here is another course that required me to be a writer. I was able to follow my professor’s very detailed rubric, which was a life savior. I did a Call To Action research review. Yeah, Mrs. Innovator!

Designing Online Learning

I work very well with Schoology and have been to several of their conferences. I enjoyed this five-week course because it’s what I have been doing, and now I can build more tech tools.

Outline for the online course.

Effective Professional Development

Have a professional development that was meaningful and worth your teacher’s time. I want to call my Professional Learning to have an impact on what it is that I desire for the change to happen and still be meaningful.

Digital Learning in Local & Global Context

This course was so different for me I had know idea the world was thinking about technology in the classroom the same way I was. The new Planning the alternative

Digital Citizenship

Here was my favorite course. Why, you ask? My innovation plan started because I felt the need to add Empathy lessons while Blended Learning was being implemented. Having to express how I felt about digital citizenship and making a change to my organization during Digital Citizenship month was the most fun. Please don’t be a cyberbully

I also had so much fun creating fun Nearpod lessons for Digital Citizenship. My students allow “play” to be a significant lesson in how we must conduct ourselves and our Online action.

How was I able to use my innovation plan to express the need for change? While working with students on Digital Citizenship, I was able to speak to the “digital natives.” Cultivating Empathy is so important to me, and I believe to young middle schoolers

Resources for Digital Environments

Now spending time in the course was also I felt rewarded. I was able to build an edshelf. I love how I was able to put all my tech apps in one place. I Love Love Love it!

Synthesis of Digital Learning & Leading

The work that I do for my students in the Verizon Innovation Lab is so aligned with my work in this Digital Learning and Leadership program. I believe this capstone course has allowed me to build a digital backpack, my e-portfolio. Since the world has pivoted, I have as well—one more peek into my Innovation Plan. The process of building and implementing has been very knowledgeable.

Thank you!!!

In the name of EMPATHY!!!