Thoughts on my Actions…EDLD 5315

Building my innovation plan, I hope to help to cultivate Empathy in a digital environment. Working in a middle school setting and having students from 11 to 15 years old, they need to see and immerse themselves in how to conduct their thoughts and action online. They need to be allowed to explore ways to have Empathy when using technology. I want them to understand the difference between having sympathy and understanding (Empathy). I believe my innovation plan will help with my action research topic. I am struggling to form an action research question because I have been told that you cannot teach Empathy, I want to show them what Empathy looks like. Still, I want my organization to understand that we need to allow the students to create ways to have better behaviors when using our digital platforms. My district has adopted so many beautiful platforms for form discussion. I have witnessed that students are just mean had bullied behind the keyboard. Even the teachers and administrators sometimes forget to be empathic. I believe it is s a lack of a new and improved way of educating digital citizenship.

The purpose of my action research is to see the effects of students being allowed to have ownership of creating, collaborating when building their own form of digital citizenship. Will this action research help students cultivate Empathy in a digital environment?  My research should have positive results when the students have shown that they have embraced Empathy by the new behaviors that they will practice in their own creative experiences.

The problem I mostly will face is getting the students to be creative. I want my students to create iMovies or WeVideos and use their own online experience to build lessons to share with their peers and educators. Will my influencers actually genuinely understand the need to somehow get the students to cultivate Empathy? Thinking about the fundamental research question, What effects do blended learning, collaboration, and creative learning environments have on my students developing Empathy when using digital platforms? I know this question will change because there are so many ways to go about presenting my innovation plan. Yeah, that part! I want a growth mindset from my students. I want them to desire a change in how they respond online, social media, even in our flip grid discussion post.

I feel chapter three in the book Action Research Improving Schools and Empowering Educators will be the guide I need to really work at designing my action research.  I believe the mixed method to collect data will work best for my innovative plan.  It all has now to base my desired results.

The literature review will enable me to become more of the expert I desire to be only because I will have studied more knowledgeable professional outcomes.

“The only constant in life is change” (Heraclitus). We all face changes everyday, whether it is simple or expected. Change will effect all of us. We all deal with that change in different manners. We can be sure that change will happen.

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