Never have I ever felt this proud of the work I have created. I work in a Verizon Innovation Learning Lab at my school. The lab was built for my students and I believe my teaching philosophy. I worked 6 months before I decided to step out on faith and nourish my passion. I literally had to step outside myself and fight my “insecurities” of starting something so big with everything else that was happening in my life. The it happened COVID 19 after only 2 full course and the start of my Spring Break. I also lost one of the loves of my life to ovarian cancer. Yet determine to really find what I was going to stay focused on and create a innovation plan to make a change. I have found that when you uncover you WHY, HOW, and WHAT, the work comes a little easier. WHY?? HOW?? WHAT?? – Techinnovator17

Creating the Digital Citizenship about Empathy was something I really had to focus on and scale down. To keep my students engaged and my new way of teaching and learning…Virtual and Remote with Face to Face students sitting in my lab but watching me from my home office while they viewed me on their I pad or Samsung 65 in mounted television in the lab. Technological Advances and Digital Citizenship – Techinnovator17

Creating a mantra was fun and something that was already apart of my daily belief system. The Digital Citizenship Mantra – Techinnovator17

While I wanted to do more but was restricted because of the world health pandemic, I was able to use my reflective tools and spend time really getting to know my students in a way I would have never imagined. Did the really have cyberbullying haunting them? Did they understand what it feels like to be bullied or even be aware that they are bullying via their digital way of now connecting. When the Bullying is Cyber…what? – Techinnovator17

Just know I now even consider how my own writing and responses are viewed. I also pay attention to the context of how I answer emails or text messages. I can honestly say, doing the work and research has not only added to my organization but to my life.


All work was created by me using the application © 2021 All Rights Reserved, Canva

Wright, K. (2021). Techinnovator17

For my Capstone EDLD 5320. Lamar University.

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