Planning the Alternative PL EDLD 5314

Everyday is a day of TEACHING & LEARNING

This is a snapshot of the Outline and Planning for My Call to Action.

Teachers and students deserve the best. Weather we are teaching them or someone is teaching us. Professional Learning has to be direct in the discipline that the teacher needs and not what the principal decides is best. I work to try and bring the models I use to teach into my PL meetings. For instance the Blended Learning model I love using is the Station Rotation model or the Lab model. I also use the Flipped Classroom model for my PL when there is a lot of information to service my teachers. Most teachers and staff usually enjoy this model and we can get to the point of the PL meeting.

The Five Principles of Effective Professional Development

Principle One:

The duration of the PL must be significant and ongoing to allow time for teachers to learn a new strategy and grapple with the implementation.

Principle Two:

There must be support for a teacher during the implementation stage that address the specific challenge of changing the classroom practice.

Principle Three:

Teacher’s initial exposure to a concept should not be passive, but rather should engage teachers through varied approaches so that they can participate in multiple activities to make sense with all the new information.

Principle Four:

Modeling has been proven and found to be very effective in helping teacher understand a new pratice.

Principle Five:

The content presented to teachers should be tailored to their specific discipline and not generic.

Teachers just as well as the students need to stay engaged. I work hard to keep my appearance and information worth looking at! Professional Learning has to keep the teacher in the driver seat and keep them active. We don’t want to sit in a long dry meeting, so we must keep the PD like it was the most exciting thing you have attended for a professional learning. Always have your Why and What so that your learners can help fly with you.

Gauge teachers needs-utilize teacher to model-keep the meeting to the point

Make sure you present in a manner to really keep the focus on the information that has to be given, but use the best practice you have and what has been shown to be successful and avoid that which was proven unsuccessful. Tell your story and pull your teachers in with pictures, but keep it simple.