Final Call to Action

Introduction The why in education is so important, especially when it comes to teacher development. My professional learning is empathy and immersing our students into the best practices and behaviors when teaching and learning in a digital environment. Why create professional knowledge for compassion? Teachers need the best direction on handling students when change is Continue reading Final Call to Action

Reflective Experience and Successful online Courses

Now that we have moved to Virtual Teaching and Learning here are a few website and links to make instruction valuable. Khan Academy Virtual Nerd ClassDojo BrainPop edX TedTalk I have found success with all platforms including for myself. The internet is a wonderful tool. When using online website Continue reading Reflective Experience and Successful online Courses

Outline for the Online Course EDLD 5318

Week Five-September 14-18 Students will write and film short films. They will see the two apps the district has approved to use in our LMS, iMovie, and WeVideo Students will choose from the selections from the page with different topics. Each topic has a lesson in empathy. Students will have a week to complete assignments. Continue reading Outline for the Online Course EDLD 5318

Blogging through my Mindset

                                                                   Katrice Wright I can help a learner develop a growth mindset by challenging the learner to explore and learn by experience without making them feel hopeless in the results of the experience. I can take the grade away and turn it into a challenge of resilience. I will model the growth mindset and inspire Continue reading Blogging through my Mindset

Learning Environment & Situational Factors

Learning Environment & Situational Factors 1.  Specific Context of the Teaching/Learning Situation Six classes meet five days a week. Each class holds for 50 minutes. The work will take place in secondary school. This course is delivered through a STEM elective. I created this as a unit that will be used throughout all delivered lessons. Continue reading Learning Environment & Situational Factors