Questions that need Answers Pt. 2

6. If you have been working as a collaborative team, how do you feel about teaching an online or blended course independently?

I enjoy working in collaborative teams. It allows me to focus on a set of goals. Each team member can dig deeper into building what is needed to be successful. I have worked with Blended Learning courses for several years. The way students learn today requires technology to enhance significant learning experiences. I have found my students are more than one type of learner. T

hey are more self-guided than I was at their age. I enjoy teaching online BUT, the class that I am an instructor in requires face to face. I have a tech lab, and to be really providing the best experience, my students need the equipment and the experience of actually using the technology. To be a true innovator, which is the goal for my class, they must be immersed in technology.

7. How will you ensure the success of your learners in this course?

I want for them the best! I will ensure them a safe place, to be honest, and to really feel what they are feeling, but to learn to put themselves in other situations. I want them to have individual freedoms they will not have in some of their other course. Although we practice real-world experiences, in my class, I plan to make it just that, a real-world experience.

8. What do you want learners to know and be able to do when they have completed your course?

I want them to know that using technology is a benefit for their future. I want my students to be able to use good judgment when posting. I want them to really understand what a digital footprint is and how once you have put your words out into the digital world, it’s there, and you will be held accountable for your ways and actions. I need them to understand that if you have never been exposed to empathy, it should be something you need to cultivate. The way the shift has happened with education, students need to be exposed to a new set of behaviors.

9. How will you determine that they have reached the goal and objectives you have set?

I will be able to determine the language and growth in their projects. I understand it will take exposure to what is right and what is wrong. They will need to see other’s feelings. They will also need to be put in uncomfortable situations and then have a dialogue about that. I also want them to create conditions that need defining. I want them to peer reflect. I need them to stay focused on what is actually happening so that they can start the process of cultivating empathy not only in this course but in everything they do.

10. What resources will your learners need for your course?

My students will need to use YouTube, they will need to have their 1:1 device and all apps that are downloaded into the iPads. They will need each other and their own social media pages to do self reflectins. I do not want access, but I do want them to think about situations to have a true reflection on the behaviors they have participated in.

11. Where will you put them?

The resource has been pre-loaded into the 1:1 device provided by our district. I also will have links embedded in my Schoology course to specific platforms.

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