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Outline for Publication-My ideas and brainstorming questions.

Thinking about publishing my body of work kind of moves me into a feeling of worry. I am not the best writer, but I can be clear about my interest and even write an essay for a grade. So preparing my outline, I have to consider my innovation plan, Cultivating empathy in students while immersed in a world pandemic. I work virtually as of now, and I can see burnout happening with my students and coworkers. Students have to use technology and platforms like never before. We have to teach them to have been honest in their feelings but to use wisdom when collaborating.

Publication Outline

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What is the topic of your article?

Cultivating Empathy to Young Minds While They Learn to be Good Citizens in a Digital World.

What is the connection to your innovation plan or initiative?

The connection to my innovation plan to my article is to develop methods that will indeed cause a change in how young people carry themselves (footprint) in the digital world. Empathy can not be taught, but we can create learning environments and situations to cultivate a new way of thinking. Awakening a spirit of kindness and compassion when students are engaged online or in their digital classrooms. Educators struggle with building meaningful digital citizenship lessons since the pandemic. Students have been given the same tasks without using emotional and psychological planning. The way educators teach and learn has changed so rapidly and are constantly evolving, we should consider adding another significant learning experience to those said Digital Citizenship lessons.

How can this information help others?

Helping teachers build a cipher of empathic students is vital and can be integrated into DC lessons that every student has to take. This information can be viewed as the knowledge that turns educators into being wiser and therefore possess an understanding of the importance of cultivating empathy. The information can help everyone from the student to the teacher, administrators, and the parents.

Lessons learned or hoped to learn?

During this desired innovation plan, I have learned that my students need to understand their feelings and act accordingly. For example, social media has caused many physical altercations on my campus and across the district, that someone has to help the children with those feelings and actions that they created in the first place. I have learned that students require lessons that are designed to meet their real needs. Situations must be tailored to meet them where they are and help them get to where we need them. Empathy cannot be overlooked. It is a skill set that must be developed by assisting students in recognizing that they lack using their moral compass when using digital platforms and discussion applications.

What digital resources will be included in your article?

I plan to include the digital resources in my article, Schoology, my district’s Learning Management System, Flipgrid, which I use to create a visual reflection discussion post for my students. A few meaningful resources that will be included, Wevideo for student video project-based learning. Padlet will be retained for student collaboration students can utilize for group discussions and brainstorming. Just for my own growth and development in education, I turn to Edtech for ideas. I hold several memberships to amazing organizations that support digital education that enhances teaching and learning.

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