EDLD 5320 CAPSTONE Project

This journey has not be easy, yet it has been very rewarding. I have been able to dig deep and design my own path of learning and leadership. Designing my Innovation plan has created within my self a new discipline.

Reflecting on my innovation plan, I believe it has impacted my students and my organization. The lessons and activities have meaningful results. The fact that we all have collectively been in a pandemic and that we all have somehow been touched by the loss of life, jobs, and the way we stepped up and moved into a world we never could imagine happening causes a deeper form of empathy to be cultivated within. During a world health crisis empathy, compassion, and understanding is so important. We had to deal with fear, frustration, panic, and anger. Educators had to deal with confusion and deal with our student’s emotions via a computer screen. We have experienced remote teaching, hybrid learning, and pivoting.  

Thinking how can I create Empathy in my students? – Techinnovator17

I can now take from my first course EDLD 5305 Disruptive Innovation in Education and reflect back on what it means to be a innovator. I learned that integrating my new skill set will be good for my organization. I was able to really find my voice. Build a tech tool box and have meaningful significant lessons.

Implementation Plan the Visual – Techinnovator17

Once I completed EDLD 5302 Concept of Educational Technology I was reintroduced to The Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck.

Growth Mindset – Techinnovator17

Creating my own work is so meaningful and yet my mindset had to be on GROWTH. I have always been on the positive side of new adventures. I also had an understanding the significance returning to school will be for my future. I needed to see myself as more than just a teacher but an educator who has growth mindset and that can get the power of “yet” to take effect in my students. I was able to manufacture authentic projects that allowed for me to have ownership which was a major part of my innovation plan and allowed for my embracing of the COVA and CSLE model.

C O V A – Techinnovator17

Pulling the Empathy out of children is one thing but getting your influencers to also be empathic is another. We can do anything. The work we do as leaders, educators, and students, we thrive from human contact.  Interaction can never be replaced with a camera nor a zoom meeting. A connection is essential in education. Empathy was genuine in all of our lives. The lessons that I designed had more than my students to be reflective, and the way my influencers carried themselves and how they handled their students was ground shaking.  Grading was now something we all had to have compassion when doing. Communication with parents even changed.

Creating a Significant Learning Environment – Techinnovator17

What does it feel like when you are called to make a change? When dealing with our youth and the way they learn is so different. Educators have to be like water and flow to meet each child’s need. I found myself reflecting on my days as a math teacher and then moving into a technology innovator champion role, I found using our apple iPad to enhance the learning process. I would like to believe that fear was behind me and my student’s using application to build their knowledge was key. In my course EDLD 5389 Effective Professional Learning. I developed skills to improve how I help my teachers by enabling them to use all the key principles. I am now equipped with knowledge on creating online courses that will educate teachers on how they can build lessons that are effective. I have a bank of how to videos which are now embedded in my online course along with effective practices. Schoology is my LMS (Learning Management System). I am now more confident to model lessons on Blended Learning.

Call to Action EDLD 5389 Part One – Techinnovator17

May I Influence You? – Techinnovator17

Using the COVA model in my real world of teaching and learning has impowered me to a level that I now feel that all teachers and all students can grow.


Wright, K. (2021). Techinnovator17. EDLE 5320 Lamar University.

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