The Final Steps EDLD 5313

How does a focus on learning and creating significant learning environments impact or influence your innovation plan?

Having a meaningful understanding of my plan is the focus. Creating space for my students and fellow educators to embrace empathy is also essential. I could never teach you to be kind or have feelings, but I can guide you in a direction to see and immerse oneself into the practice of embracing empathy, which is my innovative plan. Participating and being creative is essential for tweens. They need to have ownership and accountability of their learning. Taking measures to teach the fundamental method of embracing empathy by reflecting on one’s behaviors helps create a solid and meaningful moral compass. With the shift in online learning, what a fantastic time to be thinking about embracing empathy. Fostering and providing a learning opportunity is part of the role and duty of a teacher. My innovation plan is more than an activity. It helps students make meaningful choices that will help them become good governors of a new set of behavior. That behavior is possession of virtual digital empathy.

Blogging Through My Mindset (Part A)

Blogging through my Mindset

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Creating a Significant Learning Environment

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