May I Influence You? EDLD 5317

We have so many wonderful published articles and you can find just about anything you ae looking for, someone has written it down to convince you they know exactly what they are writing about.

Please take a look at my Media Pitch and hopefully you desire to read my article.

I would like to think of myself as an influencer. Media is indeed a way for many to be engaged and to learn. Media grabs our attention and can influence so many and very different ways. With my media pitch, I would like to hook in those capable of using various applications to encourage and cultivate empathy in our students.

Scharlatt (2011) states three different types of appeal, logical, emotional, and cooperative.

The logical addresses that we are all different and process things differently, but we can honestly use the technology to influence good behaviors in a digital world. As educators, we have to create a significant learning experience that allows our students to practice being kind.

The emotional aspect of the three appeals addresses the real need to spread kindness and empathy. During the global pandemic, we all have been heart. I have found myself more empathic to my student’s needs and even a few lame excuses.

The cooperative aspect of my pitch is that we all have to take ownership and use our digital platforms wisely and model what we desire for our students.

Scharlatt, H. (2011). How to Influence When You Don’t Have Authority. Retrieved from