Formulating Significant Learning Goals EDLD 5302

A year (or more) after this course is over, I want and hope that students will be mindful of how they “act” in a digital world.

My Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) for the course is:

 Learners will adopt a new set of behaviors and embracing Empathy in a visual digital enviroment.

Foundational Knowledge

Empathy                   Kindness                   a significant learning environment

Social footprint       using new apps embracing the core of empathy

creating meaningful documentaries for peer sharing

Application Goals

Creative thinking is part of this designed project. Students gain collaboration skills and problem-solving. The project is complex because it will be introducing the students to new apps and having them create and edit movies. My lab has green screens and technology that will help build their knowledge. Students will have to design their understanding what ir means to be empathic and have accountability when sharing with their peers.

Integration Goals

The connections will be understood that technology although is not a living feeling but it can control feelings. How the student handles collaboration and problem solving will help bridge the notion of embracing empathy in a digital world. The world that they are immersed in without real guidance.

Human Dimensions Goals

Students should learn how to practice genuine kindness. To have a better understanding of feelings and the difference between communication and slander. They should build a real understanding of the digital footprint. Students should have a better understanding of creating meaningful connections to their work and what that creates digitally.

Caring Goals

The change I would like to gain with my students is accountability. I would love for them to respect one another. Find something of interest that they can create. Introducing students to augmented reality helping them create and edit videos. Allowing them to have a voice and ownership of their learning and feelings.

“Learning-How-to-Learn” Goals

Students will learn to be designers, creators, kinder, and collaborators. Parts of the lesson will carry on throughout the year. The plan is to create a space to embrace empathy and then design away to share with their peers. Students will not only use it in the classroom but be responsible while using digital platforms.