Blogging through my Mindset

                                                                   Katrice Wright

I can help a learner develop a growth mindset by challenging the learner to explore and learn by experience without making them feel hopeless in the experience results. I can remove the grade away and turn it into a challenge of resilience. I will model the growth mindset and inspire the learner to the message of “Yet” by demonstrating concrete examples of positive results. That began as failures or seemed crazy at the time; the individuals responsible were told it wouldn’t work, and it didn’t “YET.,” for example, Space travel; Caller ID; look on drunk history for inventions. Now, consider how the growth mindset can change the acceptance of feedback and student attitude toward cheating. I’m talking about the Patriots and the Astros; is winning real the idea of winning if you cheated. How does it make you feel? It’s only temporary, that feeling of achievement, and it makes you sick having to keep the secret. Empowerment is truly knowing and understanding. Plus, the time you put into cheating could have been used to understand and comprehend the material. How can the growth mindset help limit some of your student’s preoccupation with grades? What role does grit play? We as educators can determine the focus with inspiration to be resilient instead of perfect. No grade can ever equate to self-worth. For instance, take my grade in this class. I get paid to do the work, this same work, and now I’m being graded for it on a rugged scale, just saying.

If it was ungraded, would you still do the work? True grit is putting in the position and not being concerned about the results; however, concerned with their steadfast resolve and confidence that the experience is understood with getting the intentions

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We can prevent the growth mindset from being a fad by educating the learner on historic literature based on the subject, for example, Machiavelli’s “The Prince” and reading the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The two examples of history books prove that the mindset stands the test of time. It is already in existence, and we are in the cycle of experience—all of us. We are behind. Was it Tupac who said something about the mindset? Or Tony Robbins. wink wink

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I had to decipher what this question forced me to ponder—an interesting choice in the debate. How can grit be misused and it equals rigor? Cheaters never win, and secrets are exposed. Steve Mc Nair is an excellent example. It was probably a sensitive topic, but these rappers just died: they had rigor undeniably, but it was to their end to their severity. How can you run hot and be cold at the same time? It’s death to misuse your understanding and gifts. Your grit’s power is precious; you work hard to understand it; once it is achieved, it is up to the learner to become the teacher.

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