Check it out…EDLD 5318

Outline for the first 50%

Cultivating Empathy in a Digital Environment

A. Week One- August 17-21

Welcome and Getting Started folder- It has a completion marker. I plan to use this to ensure students are going in the correct order.

  1. Introduction to the class have students do an Icebreaker.
  2. We will also break into smaller groups in order to team build. (Once class roster is assigned)
  3. Students will have available in their folder a How to Video to watch of the usage for our LMS-Schoology. Since they are in middle school 95% of my students have used Schoology for a minimum of 2 years.

My Begin here folder- has all the applications that will be used in this course. I will use links to guide the students to the correct application along with access codes etc.

Flipgrid is the most used for my course. It allows the students to your videos recordings of themselves for their answer to the discussion post.  I cannot create the grids because we do not have our class roster.

Since we meet every day for 45 minutes, I will be able to start learning my students and what roles they will have in the actual groups. The groups will write and create/movies to help students cultivate empathy within themselves.

B. Week Two August 24- 28

Students need to make sure they are login in a complete all activities to help with understanding empathy.

Cultivating Empathy folder will have completion markers. I will use this folder to make sure the students are getting a full understanding. This folder student will have a view of what empathy looks like.

  1. Students will find their Learning Intentions.
  2. All about Empathy has a safe link. (Safe Link has been down, and I will continue to check the actual website)
  3. Schoology Discussion post have been added to keep a track of student’s response and data for my Grouping of the students.
  4. Building Empathy safe link, a video from Flocabulary which will help build empathy into a deeper understanding. I have used Flocabulary for years in my math classes and the students loved it!
  5. Importance of Empathy This video is more detailed with the definition of empathy.
  6. I have a reading of the book I am Human a Book of Empathy. This book will be used to help students create Augmented Reality projects for a later date.
  7. Expressions is an activity that is used as discussion post. The activity has pictures which are called “Caption This” type of respond will be given by students and posted to the Schoology discussion post. Students have to respond and then they can see and comment on their classmates “Caption This” response.

The goal for this week is to see how the students Mindset’s aret is working. Are they opening up their thinking to start having compassion? Are they using key words?

My Schoology Course will also have a Media Album. I will use this to have the students upload their projects. Every so often we have to create something using the applications to become familiar with them and how the apps can work in their advantage.

C. Week Three- August 31-September 4- Activities and Project based Learning

Students will have several pictures to keep building their feelings and cultivating empathy within.

Students will create short answers in video format using their iMovie application on their iPad. I would like for them to answer in the discussion post. I would also like for them to upload their video with the questions embedded. I need them to be creative. I want them to have an idea of teaching their other friends and family about empathy.

D. Week Four- September 7-11

We will use Mentimeter to create a word wall. Questions will be asked and used to cultivate language

Students will start this week’s lessons by watching a short movie. The goal is to see their language and how they can connect with their feelings. Students will create a sentence stems to share with their group members to build an understanding of the levels each person can have of empathy.

I desire for my students to work with purpose. I understand I will have to adjust the lessons and add more work, I have to first get an understanding of where they are, mentally. I also want to have clear directions from our Instructional Principle about adding lessons to have dialogues about COVID-19.

The course does have an Assessment. I would like for the students to complete on their own time. The Assessment will be Completion Marked and graded for a Major Grade.

The links will be updated to the Safe Links, it has been down for days. I will research more websites that allow YouTube to work for my district.