The Influencer Model EDLD 5304

Promoting Empathy for change from inside and out to leverage behaviors in a digital environment

Desired Goal: By 2021, we will be creating significant learning experiences to help students cultivate Empathy and what it means by the end of the 2021 school year.

My innovation plan is to educate and create opportunities for students to utilize significant learning experiences about Empathy. Providing meaningful situational learning that incorporates how compassion looks and feels. The vital behaviors have to be defined and implanted for my innovation plan to make a significant difference. This change is not a quick fix, and I know for sure that this is a model that willingly my students and those that influence will carry over into digital life!

Measurement Strategy:

I will measure student engagement by observations as well as surveys and polls for students and teachers to complete.

Bi-weekly panel meetings to collaborate over data and feedback from student and teacher moderators. Using the apps for example:

Vital Behaviors:

1. Notice the Obvious: Students need positive examples to reference good judgement when posting, commenting, and sharing in a digital environment. Work to make it better!

2. Look for Crucial Moments: Allowing student to immerse themselves in someone else life or experiences. Teachers and Administration will model empathy in significant learning (digital) environments from real-world experiences.

3. Learn from positive Deviance: To improve the language and behaviors when using digital applications. Utilize collaborations (model) with students using the technology, applications, applying the videos, documentaries, and reflective panels. Cultivating teachable moments.

4. Culture Busters: Not allowing a fixed mindset to change what must be improved upon, cultivating empathy. Stop with having the idea of negative controlling thoughts that can hinder the actions. Must have deliberate practices. Sharing examples of real-world experiences from teachers and administration of how negative posts affected them. Design fun experiences and share out moments to help encourage positive behaviors.

The Influencer to my innovation plan will consist of me, students that have taken the initiative to be apart of the change, teachers that will be participating in the 15 minute Tuesday and Thursday lessons, campus Instructional principal.

Combine at least 4 of the 6 sources of influence for the best results.