We believe that creating a safe place to embrace Empathy will lead to understanding, sharing and using appropriate behaviors in a digital environment.
To do this, we have to create significant digital opportunities for learners to actively display Empathy while engaging with appropriate behaviors to best perform within a digital connect world.
We prepare learners to be innovators in redefining culture of Empathy and ownership of appropriate behaviors in a digital environment.

Just a few lines on why, how and what can happen if we can truly attempt to embracing change!

To answer specific questions floating in my mind space. I had to reflect on the reality that is happening around us as teachers, parents, and as humans.

I am more aware of how frustration can identify my purpose for change. It makes me more conscious of how to make my frustration (change) heard instead of internalizing it as stress. Now it is recognized as an opportunity for growth, not only for myself and my organization. It is an opportunity for my entire world to change. For me to do this,  One must be dedicated to other’s feelings and experiences. The whole idea is for you to capture the heart, and then the mind will follow.

The way we are programmed actually to call one’s self successful, you went with the mind, thinking came first, and then you allowed feelings to creep in. It only happens when you have failed. We think the solution is cost and then the obligation. Money and power!  We can’t measure the growth because the mind has conditioned. The head does not have time for emotions, but it only measures the tasking of the brain, and then it has to keep the obligation.  We have been taught until now that it doesn’t matter what you think; it matters what you do. The only thing that has genuinely mattered is the results. All rewards have been result-driven. Not emotions but logic to the task!

To experience a fundamental change, one must develop a genuine need for why the transition needs to happen, and that’s what will inspire adjustments. During this trying time, we have embodied an ultimate purpose for modifications. Let’s talk about the rapid speed schools have had to embrace virtual learning and digital meetings. This situation has caused a fundamental change in my purpose-driven innovation plan. To create the organizational change, we have already been faced with, which is truly an unprecedented metamorphosis but a real-world movement.

Why is what creates the intrinsic desire to change. You are recognizing why it only comes from experiencing negative feelings and defining the urgency to be empathetic. Understanding self-frustration has not been just annoyance but an opportunity to appeal to the heart to create change for even selfish reasons. Have you ever realized the need for change for selfish purposes? If you request the heart in your organization, you will receive, with the core of empathy; you are not alone in your feelings. No one truly is? Appealing to hearts will draw minds and thoughts to create the desired change.

We depend upon why we will determine the level of urgency. We are fighting emotions to learn and discuss the impact of recognizing how to collaborate and realize the current way that we can take advantage and come up with an original design of the how and what we can do together—speaking to the actual organization and the change.

I was genuinely moved by the video President Obama posted, WHY he supports Joe Biden. Please focus on the timestamp (1:14), and just maybe the organization that I am appealing too will gather a better understanding of embracing empathy in a digital world.

time 1:14 Empathy and Grace


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