The Blueprint for My Organizational Change

Everything has to change, and creating a blueprint will help to ensure it happens. With my innovation plan and desire to want to see a difference in my students and organization, I believe with the modules from EDLD 5304, success is within our reach. I never can honestly explain the exact moment it hit me, that change was needed, but it happened. I desire my innovation plan to be accepted with an open heart and receiving mind. Change is not easy; it can look almost impossible, but with a real course of action and defining behaviors with executing a strategic plan and allowing the crucial conversations to happen, the results will be favorable.

Let’s start with the wildly important goal:

With goals, you have to organize them and define the strategies:

 Please visit my post that goes in deeper about WHAT, HOW, and WHY. Take time to see the study the Influencer model, which helped me to fully understand my desire for this big hairy audacious goal (BHAG)! Then we can agree that my innovation plan is needed and supporting the desired outcomes as to why I designed this significant learning experience.

How the Influence can happen:

Once the feelings have started to set in, you can honestly grasp the influence model. The book Influencer had several key points explained in two parts. Part one spoke about the role of leadership, the keys to influences, and defining the vital behaviors. Part two was giving the meaning to why you have to engage six sources of influence, also known as the power. Personal motivation and ability social motivation and ability and social motivation and ability.

Discipline can happen:

Now you have to agree that execution is needed, but it has to be RIGHT and EXACT. The book The 4 Disciplines of Execution was most helpful when I thought about laying out my plan for my organization. I had to really look into what the authors needed me to understand and who was really going to be helpful. Being a leader, I excepted that I would have struggled with my challenge. Leading people is so hard when you want them to do something different along with everything else they are already committed to doing.

Every execution has a plan and they must be called out and broken down into stages…please visit my page which goes into detail about the five stages for change and how I plan to execute them.

Never forget the results you want from those goals:

Let’s talk:

Having those crucial conversations is the most potent and meaningful attribute to my innovation plan. How can I start with the heart and stay focus on what I really want? I have to make it safe for open and real dialogue. Mastering my story will keep my passion alive, and it will continue to appeal to the hearts of my influencers. Having crucial conversations will influence a change.

If I forget to move forward in my plan without stating my path and allowing others to accept that I am willing to explore their way, the whole conversation will get lost, and the meaning will forget it’s purpose. Staying open for advice when the going gets tough is mandatory. Also, remember that this plan will change all of our lives, and I firmly believe for the better of my student’s digital world!

When you feel passionate about something, stakes are high, emotions are running ramped, at that point is when the crucial conversation has to take place. The conversation must be handled with respect. When essential communication has failed, everything can be affected. Learning to step into a zone to start crucial conversations is a skill that can influence every part of your life and any plan you decide to implement. Always be honest and refuse the Sucker’s choice. Part of knowing when to have crucial conversations is to learn how to look for the cycle and break it.  Learn to look at the content and the conditions, when silence creeps in the room and monitor for violence, it just might take place. Move to action can help to maintain the safety and level the outbreaks of stress.

Having a real skill for dialogue is to make sure to commit to seeking mutual purpose. Create norms within your meetings and sentence frames to help with uncomfortable hurtles. Recognize the real meaning behind the strategy. Invent a shared purpose and move to encompass goals with having the conversation. Brainstorm all strategies on after safety as been established. The book Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking when Stakes are High calls this CRIB.

A couple of models for having a meaningful, purposeful conversation.

Keep in mind that the “Yeah, But,” statement can change the meaning of why the conversation had to happen. Change your life is to turn all ideas into good habits. Keeping your feelings in check and leaving yourself open will cause a sound wave, and that wave is changing for the better.


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