Implementation Outline

December 15, 2019                 Katrice Wright   

Empathy in the Digital World

Middle school use of technology

Creating empathy with middle school students using technology for lessons, student ownership and digital citizenship.

Roll Out Plan and Time

  1. Siw weeks during our campus Tech Tuesday
  2. Students have 15 minutes during the second period
  3. Students have 1:1 device with iPad
  4. Students will watch a digital reading with Augmented reality of the book I am Human A Book of Empathy.\
  5. Students will answer reflective questions and create a video post with their response.
  6. Students will also have ownership of how they respond to the reflective questions with several options to respond to their questions.

a. Flipgrid c. HP Reveal

b. iMovie d. Schoology

This is a fluid implementation for middles school children and their use of technology.

Digital Citizenship and Creating Empathy

The goal is to bring awareness to middle school students that lack empathy(feelings) in a world that has very few real lessons on how to conduct oneself online.

 The campus will be learning several applications that are provided in our Verizon Grant.

Teachers will also be utilizing the Blended Learning Flip classroom and Student Ownership.

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