4 Discipline of Execution

To make it happen, you have to desire great results. The teams Influencers should hold themselves accountable to establish an amazing performance on the lead measure, which drives the success of the wildly important goal, the WIG! Having a compelling scoreboard gives a display of the success measure of the goals for everyone to see. Remembering to have a cadence of accountability, holds everything to together. Having real weekly sessions to measure the score and to have input on the actions and seeing what may or may not need changing. From the reading and how I understood it to mean, is that I believe the Influencer model and the Four Disciple Execution model are very complimentary. I looked at how the motivation and ability from the six strategies helped make the connection for me to create my wildly important goal. Being able to use the models and see the my goal from working backwards, helped me. I do understand that I will be faced with setbacks, highs moments and some very frustrating times ahead. This is important to me and I feel my WIG is something our students need. The world had changed so much since I stared this program. Who knew? That my little thought would actually find its way into the classroom (virtual) and hearts of many teachers, administrators, leadership and students, look at EMPATHY in a digital environment!!!


What is urgent will come before what is important. So you must have 4DX mindset and it has has to be align with the team and the WIG.


Listen to all team members and take inconsideration ideas and shared wildly important ones. What I desire has to be agreed upon from the team. When your team believes in the WIG, it is easier to make the change.


Results on the scoreboard will indicate immediately if the goal along with the lead measure is effective or not.

Rules for the Organization on the Wildly Important Goal

  1. No more than 1 to 3 WIGs
  2. The battles has to total a win for the war
  3. Veto power but don’t be a dictator
  4. WIG must have a finish line

Establishing the rules having a step by step guidelines, will have a clear end to the finish line for the organization and the desired change. Not only am I appealing to the heart, the head must feel good about all of this. Using the customer satisfaction helps with closing the gaps in my innovation plan. It will allow performance to be nurtured. The students perceptions is what will guide this change. Laser focus! Ask your self, would you prefer the pain of discipline or the pain of regret?


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