Outline for the Online Course EDLD 5318

  • Week Five-September 14-18
  • Students will write and film short films. They will see the two apps the district has approved to use in our LMS, iMovie, and WeVideo
  • Students will choose from the selections from the page with different topics. Each topic has a lesson in empathy.
  • Students will have a week to complete assignments. I plan to have checkpoints embedded for each day. (working on what and how)
  • Students will upload to the media album
  • Students will complete the assignment by joining the class Flip Grid and complete a short discussion on the outcome of their work and how they can start the actual cultivation within themselves to tap into their empathy understanding. https://auth.flipgrid.com/educator?redirect_url=https%3A%2F%2Fadmin.flipgrid.com%2Fmanage
  • Week Six and Week Seven-September 21-Oct 2 
  • We will be creating a Business Card. The card will have information and words that give positive feedback. They will talk about themselves.
  • The folder will contain the Learning Intention
  • Discussion Post in Schoology
  • The students will be introduced to the app that allows Augmented Reality
  • I have embedded several videos to explain the application.
  • A PDF tutorial has also been added to the folder on the app Metaverse Studio to create AR assignments. Metaverse Studio link https://studio.gometa.io/landing
  • The students will have to physically create a business card using several materials. I have the idea that once they create the BC, they can upload a picture and record themselves explain the different information. I have embedded an example in the folder for them to see located in the Learning Intention and Lesson Overview folder.
  • Students will create and Empathy poster using AR. I will randomly pick partners. This will allow the students to work with someone they would not usually choose. I will provide the questions. Students have answered the issue visually. They will have a discussion board about the feelings they had, creating the poster and the responses that were provided from their partners to make visuals. Please see Examples in the LMS folder for Learning Intention and Learning Intentions and Lesson Overview folder.

I plan for two weeks because the students have to be creative. They also have several tutorials and small things to build to master the task. Students will have to research pictures and make a short video answering the information. I used this Project last year but have tweaked it to include empathy. I want them to put themselves in their partner’s space when they make selections to answer the questions. I want them to design the way they desire their partner to develop their own posters.

  • Week Eight-October 5-9
  • The Putting your Action into what you Believe Project
  • Using a history lesson to bring about the conversation of empathy and problem-solving.
  • Students will build empathy and compassion by putting research and inquiry into a cause they care about.
  • Why is this a history lesson?
  • Students will have to research Athena, the Greek goddess of war, she fought for causes that led to greater justice in the world.
  • This Project can be viewed as campaign awareness. I desire for them to use a podcast style or short film. They will be using the apps that are approved by our district.
  • They will have the freedom to be creative and have a discussion type of Podcast or short film. I desire to bring awareness to their understanding of how some are born empathic, and some people have to have certain feelings like empathy cultivated into their thinking and actions.
  • Students have available a few short information videos about the goddess.
  • They have available several suggestions and will be able to expand their knowledge. Students can find others that have used their lives to be an empathic person. They can choose anyone.
  • Week Nine-Final- October 12-16
  • Students will have the learning intentions and lesson overview folder they must open and read to have an understanding. I will have a parking lot for each week to ask questions.
  • Folders are providing with books to choose from only as suggestions. I also encourage them to pick or create their own. I want them to use their thinking to be part of their design. I need them to even think of books that their classmates will find interesting.
  • Students will use the AR Metaverse app to create their pages to come to life. They must use video or music, anything that can be loaded into the application to make their triggers excellent/creative.
  • Students will end the week by creating a trailer to advertise the book of their choice. They will need to have a spark that grabs the viewer’s attention—key words, catchy music, etc. Students will use their 1:1 device and use the iMovie app or WeVideo to create the trailer.
  • Media Album will be provided to upload projects.
  • This can be a group project depending on the flow of the lessons.

I want my students to think differently when they are outside of the classroom and are using their social media accounts or even discussion posts. I truly understand I cannot teach a person empathy, but I can give them examples and have them experience compassion. The brain will train itself to think empathic when situations arrive. You learn by doing. Middle- Schoolers are the best!

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