Questions that need Answers

Planning Questions 1-5

Who are the learners who will be in your course?

My students and the influencers that will work to help implement my goals. In my course, I will explain the navigation of the course and the desired results. Everything must be interpreted and designed to flow with purpose.

What is your teaching style?

The active teacher. I really see and call myself the facilitator of learning. I enjoy giving my students questions to answer throughout the lessons. My method is each one teach one. I am polite with my students but maintains a specific type of discipline positively. I nature my students thinking and open dialogue. I expect them to be creative and bring something new to their knowledge base.  

Have you taught in an online or blended environment?

Yes, my district has adopted Blended Learning, and I am my campus Technology Innovator Champion the TIC.

What is your level of experience with the content and with technology?

I am very comfortable with technology, although I am not a master, I allow myself to stay in the learning mode.

What learning or pedagogical theories support online or blended learning?

Face to face driver – where the teacher drives the instruction and augments with digital tools.  

Rotation – students cycle through a schedule of independent online study and face-to-face classroom time.

Flex – Most of the curriculum is delivered via a digital platform, and teachers are available for face-to-face consultation and support.

Labs –The entire curriculum is delivered via a digital platform but in a consistent physical location. Students usually take traditional classes in this model, as well. Self-Blend – Students choose to augment their traditional learning with online course work.

Online Driver – All curriculum and teaching are delivered via a digital platform, and face-to-face meetings are scheduled or made available if necessary.

Check out this wonderful beginning to my LMS…

to be continued…

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