Implementation Outline

December 15, 2019                 Katrice Wright    Empathy in the Digital World Middle school use of technology Creating empathy with middle school students using technology for lessons, student ownership and digital citizenship. Roll Out Plan and Time Siw weeks during our campus Tech Tuesday Students have 15 minutes during the second period Students have 1:1 device Continue reading Implementation Outline

Disruptive Innovative Review

Katrice Wright                                Literature Review EDLD 5305 Research Backing my Disruptive Innovative Proposal: Empathy in the Digital World Reason for review Empathy in the digital world. Middle School students learning Empathy and technology to promote student ownership. Introduction (Abstract) Students have lost the meaning and action of Empathy. The focus and research are geared toward middle Continue reading Disruptive Innovative Review

Thinking how can I create Empathy in my students?

So, I would like to think that I’m a better person today than I was yesterday. I would also love to believe my students felt the same about themselves. Am I overthinking the preteen/ tween mind set? What are the so mean? Why do they hide behind the screen? I can remember when I was Continue reading Thinking how can I create Empathy in my students?